After 22 years building offshore sailing passagemakers, we’re excited to bring to the market a truly unique passagemaker for retiring sailors or trawler enthusiasts looking for a bit more speed and efficiency.


Arrive Sooner – Burn Less

10 Knots – 3.5 mpg – Liveaboard Comfort

The RANGEBOAT is perfect for a couple to make seasonal north/south passages comfortably, quickly, and economically, and then spend the season aboard.  The low profile opens up the option to truck her to more exotic places, or to cruise the canals of Europe. 

The RANGEBOAT was designed by renowned British yacht designer Nigel Irens, designer of some of the most innovative yachts in the past 40 years. Whether power or sail, his focus is 100% on drawing as efficient a hull form as possible. Previous Rangeboats were 39′ and 62′.   The 46 is the  “goldilocks”.  Not too big, not too small, not too fast, not too slow.

  Efficiency = Range

Nigel Irens

LDL Performance

Mr. Irens coined the abbreviation LDL to designate a yacht with a Low Displacement Length ratio.  The LDL hull offers displacement speeds beyond the previously believed 1.34 times the square root of waterline, bridging the gap between displacement speed and planing speed.  Simply said, the wave carved by a narrow hull requires less energy. Build it light and the result is maximum efficiency.  LDL hulls also ride better, slicing through the seas at even trim with minimal pitching, not plowing through or pounding on top.  The fine entry and balanced hull avoids the tendency of motor yachts to stuff their bow and trip over themselves.  

TEN knots

The RANGEBOAT 46 cruises comfortably at 10 kts burning just  2.8 gallons/hour or 3.5 miles/gallon.  That’s roughly 3 times the range at 10 knots than any other hull form. 

For sailors considering the transition to power, the RANGEBOAT 46 offers similar fuel efficiency as your motoring sailboat but you’ll have the option to punch it up to 13-15 kts to arrive at your favorite anchorage before sunset.  As a bonus, you’ll be standing watch from a protected helm, and you’ll be living on one level from helm to transom. You earned it.

If you’re currently cruising in a trawler of similar size, the Rangeboat offers around 3-4 more knots for the same miles/gallon.  In other words, you’ll arrive sooner while burning the same fuel.  And, as noted above you’ll have the option to speed up if needed, and will enjoy a much smoother ride.  

A smooth wake makes the intercoastal and great loop a breeze.   The large cockpit and fold down transom are great for fishing, diving, or enjoying the sand bar.  

And … at 10′ high and 12.5′ wide, the RANGEBOAT can be easily trucked from coast to coast or shipped to Europe for cruising the canals.  

The RANGEBOAT 46 gets its low displacement not just from strong and light materials .. vacuum cored hull and deck .. but also from the elimination of features not required for its purpose.  The narrow hull and low profile simply require less fiberglass.  Lithium batteries and solar will cover the air conditioning and battery charging requirements eliminating the generator for most owners.  A watermaker will eliminate the need to carry excessive water, and the extreme efficiency of the hull reduces the weight of fuel required.     

Seasonal Comfort

Yacht design is a zero-sum game. The cost of an efficient and comfortable ride is space. We found 46′ to be a good size for the old adage, sleeps 2, dines 4, parties 8, and still offer great efficiency. Not too big, not to small. 

A cruising couple will enjoy a full season aboard with a centerline berth, full galley, stall shower, 360 degree views from the protected dinette, and large aft deck.  Enjoy the aft deck or protected dinette/pilothouse during the day then lower the blinds for nighttime privacy.   

Low displacement will require that you leave a few things behind. Fortunately, no generator is needed, not even for the air conditioning.  1000 Watts of Solar and  Amps of LiPo batteries will ensure a full season of efficient, environmentally responsible comfort.  

The photos on this site are the 2015 custom RANGEBOAT that slipped past us in the Bahamas. We tracked her down, bought her, loved her, and commissioned Mr. Irens to update her. Now, you can have one too.

The RANGEBOAT 46 is being developed by Lambert Marine, developer of the Outbound 46 offshore passagemaker that is still in production after 25 years. Similar to Outbound, with RANGEBOAT we started with a designer focused first on performance and then optimized his design for comfortable and safe cruising for a couple.  Careful attention to systems and ergonomics results in a great passagemaker. 

The Outbound 46 proves that a classic and functional boat will return great resale value for years to come. Outbounds are hard to find on the used market and return a nice value. We expect the same for RANGEBOAT.

Environmentally Responsible Cruising

Request Specifications and Pricing

The RANGEBOAT 46 will be priced and built in groups of three for maximum builder value and economy.   Reserve your hull now.

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